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Handcrafted Desserts, LLC
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470 Dacula Rd #2013
Dacula, Georgia, 30019
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About Handcrafted Desserts, LLC

About Us

The story of “Handcrafted Desserts by The Dessert Menu... ”

As a child I was fascinated with being in the kitchen while my mother and grandmother cooked and baked traditional Guyanese (Caribbean) cuisines. I hung on to their skirt tails watching spices fall into the pots without a measuring cup in hand  but rather handled with instinct. It never failed every dish was perfect! Then came desserts... my attention was at 100% as more than my sweet tooth was at play. As a child I was fascinated with architects and the ability to design and sketch beautiful building from the depths of their creative minds and then make it become reality. Amongst other things I also loved fashion, design and the placement of things to make them attractive and eye catching. That may come from my mom’s seamstress hobbies where she not only duplicated patterns but took it the extra mile. I was raised to do things with perfection, patience and cleanliness. So when I watched my grandmother and mother bake I would envision ways to make every dessert beautiful and beyond the traditional concepts. With architecture, fashion, design and strong Caribbean disciplines I was finding ways to infuse flavors, perfect designs and using family and friends as constant taste testers. As you can imagine for every family event I was tasked with desserts. Although my career ending up going the legal route I couldn’t stop getting pulled into my passion to create and design. I thrive in creative spaces! After perfecting cakes, cupcakes, banana pudding, pumpkin pies and more I found the avenue of taking cupcakes as my canvas to design delicious desserts that can take you from a classic chocolate treat to a tasty pina colada at the beach to an extravagant gourmet spread with perhaps lavender notes or cascades of caramel. My cupcakes create memories. It can be a new experience of flavor bursting through your taste buds or a classic bite with an old fashioned feel that takes you back to a childhood moment. I am amazed to see how far my passion has brought me from elegant frosting designs with a butter knife to breathtaking floral designs dusted with glistening colors of glitter. When it was time to think of a business name to encapsulate my vision and abilities I found it apropos to call it the Dessert Menu because my product can become any dessert you would find on a dessert menu in the form of a cupcake. I added the additional name of Handcrafted Desserts because every flavor and design is thoughtfully created and intricately designed by my hands! My hands are an extension of years of practice, my roots and heritage and every creative fiber within me. I believe my abilities are my God-given gifts and talents and with that being said I not only want to bless others with a well designed and tasty product but I desire to provide excellence in all that I do! My happy place is creating in the kitchen so with the full support of my husband I’ve given myself over to my passion to create for you... “Handcrafted Desserts by the Dessert Menu”!!!

“With God All Things Are Possible”

~ Matthew 19:26