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Our Mission Is Protecting Special Needs Families
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About Jeyaram & Associates

Protecting Special Needs Families Is Our Mission

Our attorneys have special needs children and specialize in special needs trusts, wills, estate plans, guardianship, conservatorship, and Katie Beckett & NOW/COMP appeals.  We understand your life and your legal needs. 

 The Time To Plan Is Now

As parents or guardians of a child or adult with special needs, one of our main concerns is what will happen to our loved ones when we pass? Who will take care of them? Will they have enough money? 

Will they be OK?

And while most of us try NOT to think about dying, it’s important to ensure that our loved ones will be protected and cared for upon our passing. Putting a Special Needs Trust in place is something we can do to help ensure that our loved ones will be well cared for and have a high quality of life – today and forever.

Why A Special Needs Trust?

Eligibility for many government benefits is determined based on the resources your child or adult ward holds in his or her name. If your loved one has too many resources, even by just one dollar, he or she may not qualify for, or may even lose, benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

Even if your loved one does not currently receive government assistance, he or she may need it in the future. A special needs trust is a way to protect your loved one’s current resources and future benefits. Through a Special Needs Trust, you can leave assets to your child or ward without negatively impacting his or her government benefits.

Government benefits only cover basics such as medical care, food, and shelter. Through a Special Needs Trust, a designated trustee for your loved one will be able to provide your child or adult ward with access to things such as:

  • a personal care attendant
  • out of pocket medical and dental expenses
  • vacations
  • home furnishings
  • vehicles
  • hobbies
  • education

What Do I Need To Do First?

The good news is, you’re on the right path! You’ve already started thinking about how to best protect and provide for your child or adult ward.

We can help you set up a Special Needs Trust to best meet your child’s or adult ward’s needs, as well as your wishes for him or her in the future.

When we meet, we’ll talk extensively about your child or adult ward, his or her needs, your current and future goals, finances, and your family values.

What Else Do I Need To Do?

A special needs trust is usually part of a comprehensive Special Needs Estate Plan. Our Special Needs Estate Plan includes:

  • Last will and testament
  • Advance medical directives
  • Financial and durable powers of attorney
  • HIPAA waivers
  • Legacy statement
  • Letters to guardians
  • Child safety and protection cards
  • Original document storage in our vault
  • And, perhaps most importantly, guardianship designations

Through our extensive contacts in the special needs community, we can connect you with professionals and experts who are committed to and specialize in helping special needs families. From financial planners, IEP advocates, to CPAs and more – we’ve built an extensive and trusted network to help you and your loved ones.

Contact Us

DJ Jeyaram at or 678-325-3872 or schedule a Special Needs Estate Plan Consult now.

We offer 1 hour initial consults to help you understand what's involved with setting up a Special Needs Trust.  If you choose to engage our legal services within 30 days, we apply the consult fee to your Special Needs Trust package.