Guide to Gwinnett Cities -  Buford

Buford, Georgia

Buford never cultivated that sleepy Southern town vibe. In fact, in 1902, as the 20th Century was beginning, Buford was referred to as the “New York City of Gwinnett,” for its industry and activity. Even back in the day, this city that started in 1872 as a depot on the railway line between Atlanta and Charlotte was known for being progressive in business and education.

Buford was the home of the county’s first bank and was widely recognized for its quality schools, and students from adjoining counties came to acquire the prestigious diploma from Buford High School. (No change there, Buford City Schools are still great and attract many non-residents.)

Today, with more than 15,000 citizens, Buford is a city that has it all – a charming main street with retailers and restaurants and one of the Southeast’s destination shopping destinations with the Mall of Georgia. The Buford Dam is a major power source for the state and Lake Lanier Islands is recognized as a premier recreation development... and a favorite summer-day destination for Gwinnettians. The Buford Community Center is another jewel for the city – including a theater, conference center and meeting space, the Buford Museum, and the popular Town Park that hosts entertainment for all ages.

And here’s a little Buford trivia for you...Whose statue is located on West Main Street? Roy Rogers, whose horse Trigger had a saddle made at Buford’s famous Bona Allen Tanners.

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