Guide to Gwinnett Cities -  Dacula

Dacula, Georgia

Ever wonder how Dacula (and that’s pronounced duh-cue-la) was named? Founded in 1905, Dacula originated from the letters found in Decatur and Atlanta.

Today, with a growing population over 6,000, Dacula provides a unique small-town experience to residents and visitors alike and prides itself on being an inclusive community. Dacula’s location provides residents many advantages, particularly for employment and education opportunities. In fact, Dacula is located at the center of Georgia’s Innovation Crescent, a 15-county economic development hub focused on life sciences and technology that includes Gwinnett.

Other bragging rights for Dacula? Its influence on blue grass and other music genres. Little known fact — Dacula is the home of Gid Tanner and his 1920s and 1930s Skillet Lickers string band. The string band is still going strong with the Tanner family and performs in Dacula and around the area regularly.

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